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Diane Bouchard

Performing arts
Puppet theatre


Diane Bouchard
Photo: Jean-Pierre Picard

ln 2004, the artist received the Award of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for creation in the regions (Outaouais), acknowledging her achievements as a writer, creator, director and performer in puppetry theatre. Twenty-four shows bear her name, countless exhibits have welcomed her creatures, several TV appearances and artistic conceptions complement her résumé. ln 1976, she co-founded the Théâtre de l'Avant-Pays, a Montréal-based puppet theatre company. ln 1985, she moved to Gatineau and started up Gestes, her own musical and puppet theatre company. She created amazing new puppets, the most famous of which is the knotty puppet, which prompted the Foundation of the Modem Puppet Center to invite her to Japan to teach her specific technique.

Proposed approach and type of activities

The Puppet - Tradition and Modernity

As a performer, she is fascinated by the expressive movement that she can transmit to objects. As a creator, she develops techniques that accentuate the object's organic movement. Her art constantly brings her on the verge of new horizons, renewing the way she looks at objects, and leading her to create puppets from abandoned toys or varied recycled elements of our day-to-day lives. Her puppets often become the magical place where metamorphoses occur and which can only be revealed by manipulation. These three aspects of her approach are conveyed to children through workshops, for the puppet is first and foremost a herald of movement.

First, she brings a 150-year-old Indonesian wayang golek puppet to life for her young puppeteers, as an introduction to the ruIes of manipulation. She then introduces students to 50 of her creations, instruments of animation and manipulation. The children can practice the manipulation rules themselves by doing a series of exercises, individually or in pairs. In doing so, they discover the importance of rhythm and eye movement, the dance between sound and movement, as well as the levels of intonation, intention, and position in space. Depending on the participants' age, the artist also addresses the interaction between the puppet and its various stage partners: the other puppets, the props, the set, the lighting and the music. Time permitting, this workshop can also give the group the opportunity to work as a team and prepare a sketch.

Other examples of activities

  • Animation workshop: from one to several hours with the same group.
  • Creation workshop: two hours with each group. Animation workshop must be given to the group first.
  • Coaching for the creation of a show. Puppet creation, writing, performing and manipulation.

Special conditions

$100 per day for the rental of puppets and various accessories (Animation workshop), or for the buying of various objects that will be turned into puppets (Creation workshop).

For information

Diane Bouchard
Phone : 819 776-3902
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