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Artists at school


Bianka Germain

Performing arts
Puppet theatre


Bianka Germain

A puppeteer at Théâtre Biscuit since 1992, Bianka Germain has been hosting workshops under La culture à l'école program since 1997. She has also actively contributed to several puppet theatre productions. The artist has taken part in practical training sessions at Théâtre de la Dame de Cœur as well as at Théâtre de l'Oeil.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Making and Animating Puppets

Bianka Germain proposes fun and educational workshops that allow students to explore and freely express their creativity. These sessions enable young people to familiarize themselves with the wonderful world of puppets and the profession of puppeteer. Students will be introduced to making and animating puppets and will be able to learn how to create their own tale, story or play. This workshop offers school groups plenty of original possibilities while having fun.

Examples of activities

The artist presents various types of puppets (stick puppets, glove puppets, etc) in her workshop.


Each student makes their own puppet based on a personal drawing.


Young people are introduced to the animation (manipulation) of puppets. Starting with small exercises (enactments), they explore and learn how to convey emotions and actions.


Students learn how to present a puppet performance. Beginning from the creation of a story or a tale, or based on a school theme, participants are invited to create the characters (puppets) of the story. The workshop also allows young people to familiarize themselves with the profession of puppeteer and to participate in the creation of a work that they will be able to present to their classmates.

Special conditions

The workshop requires plastic arts material to make the puppets ($2,50 per puppet, maximum $100 a day).

For information

Bianka Germain
Phone : 450 622-5124
Email :

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