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Artists at school


Lorena Corradi
Reggi Ettore

Performing arts


Lorena Corradi and Reggi Ettore

It was in 1978 that Lorena Corradi and Reggi Ettore, both graduates of Milan's Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory, decided to devote their careers to introducing young audiences to concert music and founded l'Arsenal à musique in Montréal. Specialists in musical pedagogy, Corradi and Ettore have lectured at Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières and in Joliette. They also created a certificate program in musical pedagogy at Université de Montréal. They designed and conducted workshops for conferences held by the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. They have collaborated on children's television programs and composed works for Radio-Canada as well as the CBC. With the participation of their collaborators – composers, musicians, authors and directors, actors and artists in new media – the company's artistic directors have created some 20 original works. This translates into over 10,000 performances and various other artistic and cultural events presented before over 3 million children on tours in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Proposed approach and type of activities

The Sound Factory

The artists have a mandate to bring concert music to all audiences and to young spectators in particular, through a series of daring and innovative presentations, performances and events, as well as through the development of strategies to introduce the arts into the school curriculum. Lorena Corradi and Reggi Ettore, co-artistic directors of the company, strive to cultivate the appreciation of music through play, participation and collaborative creation. They draw upon their wide experience as artists and teachers to design and implement (in collaboration with educators and specialists in the arts) special projects such as the Culture in schools program.

Examples of activities

Introduction to symphonic music with Camille Saint-Saens' “The Carnival of Animals”

This one-hour activity for preschool level and Cycle 1 introduces children to this classic piece. During the Carnival of Animals workshop, children have an active role in listening games, learning to sing the main themes by Saint-Saens and imitating the animals, while learning about the piece and the instruments of the orchestra at the same time. Through this great work, which is both fun and easily accessible, young audiences discover symphonic music and the different sounds of the instruments in the orchestra.

Introduction to the exploration of sound with the Baschet sound sculptures

With this activity, primary level school children discover and explore some extraordinary contemporary instruments that hold infinite sound possibilities. The students have an active role in the workshop, experimenting directly on the instruments. The workshop aims to introduce them to a musical approach based on experiments with sound. For example, working from an original text or a given theme, participants can create musical works, invent a form of notation, and perform the works they have composed. They can then record the results on a CD to listen to them, analyze them and share them with their friends.

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Lorena Corradi
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