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Daniel Prenoveau

Performing arts
World music


Daniel Prenoveau

After studying animation and cultural research at UQAM, Daniel Prenoveau studied in Africa with the national ensembles of Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea-Bissau. Under the tutelage of the griots (African grandmasters), he learned musical technique, instrument making and the social function of instruments. Since 1987, he has organized numerous musical events, given workshops and performed in hundreds of shows.

Proposed approach and type of activities

World Music

In this workshop, students discover musical instruments from around the world. It is also an invitation to visit the cultures of people of Africa and other countries. Experimenting with instruments from different peoples, such as the balafon, the djembe, the kalimba and the aboye, the children are encouraged to take part in the creation of music. First, the artist-traveller recounts his experience and his meetings with African grandmasters. Then, he presents his musical instruments to the students and teaches them some basic concepts. The students also learn how the instruments are made, tuned and played. Daniel Prenoveau explains the history and social function of the instruments. Following this presentation, each student chooses an instrument that they will use to invent a sound pattern, alone at first, then accompanied by the others. Spontaneous creation is an important factor for it allows students to devise one-of-a-kind musical selections, in the present moment, leading students to surpass themselves. The artist makes sure that an interactive event having an international character is created. Each project is adapted to the age of the students.

Examples of activities

  • Creation of original musical selections in small groups.
  • Group creation (the entire group, progressively).
  • Creation of musical selections presented in class or in front of the school.
  • Situate the origins of instruments (map of the world).
  • Invent instruments, compose selections with these instruments and traditional instruments presented during the workshop.
  • Create ties with foreign languages, the local language and musical communication.
  • Invent a language that is specific to each group of students.
  • Find a centre of interest specific to each level: pre-school and Cycle 1 students can choose their favourite animal, then prepare their creation by imagining the steps or the rhythm of the animal. Students of Cycles 2 and 3 can develop new sounds based on a country which they have heard of or which they know.

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Daniel Prenoveau
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Other phone : 514 946-1358
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