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Robert Trépanier

Visual arts


Robert Trépanier
Les Ateliers Verts

After completing his studies in environmental design, painter/kite maker Robert Trépanier designed sets, accessories and musical instruments. In 1994, he also worked as a children’s park designer for the Montreal Jazz Festival. Since 1996 he has participated in several group exhibitions and has been invited to numerous international kite festivals in Québec, the United States, Germany, France, Israel, Italy, Japan and Korea. In 2006 Robert Trépanier received a bursary from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. With a view to incorporating environmental considerations in his artistic approach, he established in 2008 Les Ateliers Verts, an association of artists proposing environment-related creation workshops.

Proposed approach and type of activities


In this workshop, each student builds and paints a kite from readily available materials such as recycled plastic, wood sticks, felt pens, paint, gouache and paper. To make sure that their experience is enjoyable, the children are shown how to make kites that are easy to fly, regardless of the wind velocity. The artist tells the children about the origins of kites and describes various practices and scientific concepts associated with them. The workshop ends with an outdoor exhibition of the children's work if there is an appropriate place and if weather permits.

Other examples of activities

The artist also proposes taking part in a thematic week during which a more complex kite could be built.

Special conditions

The workshop requires specialized material, at a cost of $2.75 per kite.

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Robert Trépanier
Phone : 514 522-9805
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