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Denis Palmer

Visual arts


Denis Palmer

Denis Palmer holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture. He has taken part in several water-colour painting, graphic arts and drawing workshops in Sweden and the United States. He has also traveled and practiced his art in South America, Scandinavia, elsewhere in Europe, Western Canada and the Maritimes. The artist favours water-colours and scenes allowing him to capture the surroundings and people of the part of the country in which he lives, Estrie: the maple syrup harvest, Remembrance Day, Cookshire Agricultural Fair, labour competition, auctions, life at the Sawyerville bar or the daily activities of friends and neighbours reflecting life as it goes by… Denis Palmer records stories, anecdotes and arguments which he then tries to incorporate in his various works.

Proposed approach and type of activities

The proposed project is a drawing/painting workshop in which the students explore their roots, families and communities. Through some limited genealogy and family anecdotes, they will identify who they are, where their families come from and what their place is in their present communities. Individual drawings, using familiar materials (paper, pencil crayons, pastels, watercolours, cartridge paper, bristol board) would focus on the gathering of ideas, visual images, and text, dealing with favorite places, family, home, and community. Preliminary drawings would serve as rough copy and as preparation for a final drawing/painting. The object of the workshop is to emphasize spontaneity and planning in the creative process. The second simultaneous phase would be a collective piece, such as a mural or large panel, where all students are represented by symbols, colours, patterns, and texts, thus displaying the mosaic of the community.

Other examples of activities

  • Heritage quilts on canvass using paint and felt. Students use the impressions left by their hands, genealogy, family histories and symbols.
  • Use of symbols to express a theme with the help of paint. Planned creation of posters in small groups.
  • How do we draw the people we see? Students practice various observation and drawing techniques, then create their works on a large canvas or a wall.
  • Drawing in movement. During this highly active exercise, students become models for quick drawings. Everyone poses and draws.

Special conditions

The workshop requires a large floor surface, access to running water as well as a large canvas, at a maximum cost of $100 per day of hosted activities.

For information

Denis Palmer
Phone : 819 889-2549

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