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Artists at school


Marcio Melo

Visual arts


Marcio Melo

Originally an architect working in Brazil, Marcio Melo has been in Canada since 1987 and has been exhibiting professionally since 1992. The artist works in watercolour, conté crayon, and acrylics, mainly on paper and canvas. In addition to having many exhibitions in the Outaouais region and internationally, he is represented in numerous galleries and participates in the Pontiac Artists' Studio Tour, a professionally juried event held each June. His latest major exhibition, Moon under Leo, at the Montcalm Gallery in Gatineau, had the largest turnout for an opening in the Gallery's history. His web site permits worldwide exposure of his art. Since 2001, he has worked on over 75 projects in Québec schools (one of them won the Essor regional 2nd Grand Prize).

Proposed approach and type of activities

During the project, students experiment with colour, drawing and composition in activities that place value on cooperation, collaboration and compromise. Participants explore different forms of expression such as figurative and abstract painting. Creative insights complement this collective process, leading to the understanding and valuing of the experience. The result of all this is to give students greater self-esteem. The visual, decorative and permanent nature of the final result will allow students to share their knowledge and accomplishments with others, lending continuity to the learning experience.

Examples of activities

Mural Painting

The workshop plans and executes a monumental collaborative painting (mural) over three days. Marcio Melo's intention is to encourage personal expression and creativity. From this project, students will also learn the dynamics of working as a team. The scale of a mural fosters great freedom of expression and artistic accomplishment within the context of cooperation and compromise. Prior to the artist's arrival, the theme is decided upon according to local interests. Students research elements relating to the theme. The first day looks at collaboration (boundaries - keeping or crossing them) and painting (balance, colour, composition), especially as it relates to monumental works seen from a distance. Drawing exercises on a small scale give practice in collaboration. Exercises are analysed. The mural is prepared on the first day. On the second day, it is painted. Discussion continues on the elements of painting and collaboration and introduces the art of compromise (individual versus group identity). On the third day, we will discuss, "Is it finished?". After analysis of the elements of a monument, the group decides, and finishes if necessary.

Story Illustration

A three-day project that focuses on illustrating a story that has been written by the students (in conjunction with a writer in this program) or has been chosen for illustration. Using the text of the story, relationships are established between the text and key visual elements. Students learn about style, colour, design and composition of the page in order to produce illustrations that can be used in a book to be published (electronically or in hard copy).

Special conditions

Available any month but June. The workshop requires various materials at a maximum cost of $100 per day.

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Marcio Melo
Phone : 514 528-7051
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