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Daniel-Jean Primeau

Visual arts


Daniel-Jean Primeau
Photo: DJP

During his 30 years of practical experience in doing sculpture work, Daniel-Jean Primeau has had numerous exhibitions in Canada, the United States and France, including 21 exhibitions of his "Tranches". His works are found in private, public and museum collections. He has created numerous commissions, mostly participative art in public schools within the context of the Program to integrate arts in architecture (1%) of the Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine du Québec.  The artist also gives lectures and conferences on a regular basis. Daniel-Jean Primeau has won numerous awards, including the Prix des pairs which, was recently awarded to him by the Conseil de la Sculpture du Québec. Always accompanied by a social reflection, the artist’s approach also gives young people an opportunity to take part in a collaboration experience.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Collective creation of a Monumental Sculpture

The sculpture is created on a wooden structure by boldly piling up an enormous amount of recycled cardboard boxes that serve as instant volumes. The activity calls on students' creativity and boldness. First, the artist will talk about cubism, encourage students to think big, and explain the techniques that will be used to create the monumental sculpture. He will actively stimulate young people's imagination and their spirit of cooperation to make sure that everyone participates in the evolution of the collective work. He will interact closely with each student, revealing the tricks of the trade and encouraging shy participants in particular. The activity requires about 200 cardboard boxes per day of activity.

Other examples of activities

The artist proposes several complex construction projects that are large in scale, occasionally enormous or strange, requiring an expertise when it comes to various materials, assembly techniques, structures and logic.

  • Monumental welcome arch, giant animals, habitats, decoration of columns, ceiling modules, masks, totem poles, displays for other work done in class, theatre sets, etc.
  • The cardboard can be left unfinished or be painted.
  • The artist is open to other suggestions: fountains, construction made from iron wire, paper-mâché, or ice outside in winter (moulded ice fountain), etc.

Special conditions

The workshop requires glue, wood and various materials at a cost of $25 per group met (maximum of $100 per day of hosted activities). Students are asked to bring to class clean corrugated cardboard boxes or various recycled materials depending on the nature of the project. The school is responsible for providing stools and tables.

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Daniel-Jean Primeau
Phone : 514 947-8243
Email :

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