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Diego Herrera

Visual arts
Humourous illustration



Diego Herrera, better known as Yayo, is a cartoonist and illustrator. He writes children's books, and his work also appears in Canadian and American newspapers and magazines. Trained in advertising art and fine arts, he has won numerous prizes for his cartoons and illustrations in Canada, Colombia, Europe and Japan. He was a finalist for the Governor General's Award in 1998 for Le chasseur d'arc-en-ciel and a recipient of the Mr. Christie Book Prize in 1996 for Au lit, princesse Émilie. Yayo has also written and drawn collections of cartoons: Le carton de Yayo, Zoo-illogique, and Rêveries.

Proposed approach and type of activities

In this workshop, Diego Herrera helps students develop their creativity through the medium of the cartoon. They become acquainted with aesthetic aspects of the genre by working with black and white, colour, composition and various styles. They learn how to focus on a subject, tell a story, and appreciate the absurd. Thus, the workshop promotes the creative process and encourages the students to make their own cartoons and comic strips. In a brief introduction, the artist describes his trade and outlines his artistic and professional development; then he presents his drawings and explains the creative process in cartooning. Next, using ideas from the children he gives a live demonstration of the art. Students then engage in a collective creative effort, making cartoons based on one or more themes. At the close of the workshop, they take part in an evaluation of the drawings that they have created and signed; this is followed by a question period about the art.

Examples of activities

  • Creation of humorous illustrations for greeting cards, posters, etc.
  • Based on ideas proposed by young people, demonstration of the creation of a humorous image.
  • Exploration and visual research in the form of sketches by putting the creation process into practice.

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Diego Herrera
Phone : 514 485-2962
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Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5, Primary 6, Secondary 1, Secondary 2, Secondary 3, Secondary 4, Secondary 5

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