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Hélène Langevin

Performing arts


Hélène Langevin
Photo: Rolline Laporte

Hélène Langevin has been working as a choreographer and a teacher of creative dance since 1983. In 2000, she founded her own company, Bouge de là, devoted to the creation of dance pieces for young audiences. The company produces contemporary dance works that fuse a range of art forms, including video, acrobatics, and shadow play. Its productions to date are: Roche, Papier, Ciseaux (1996), La Tribu Hurluberlu (2000), Comme les 5 doigts de la main, (2003), Chut!! (2005) and Old Thomas and the little fairy (2008). With a degree in dance education from UQAM and a specialization in creative dance, Langevin introduces young people to creation in dance at the pre-school, elementary and high school levels. She works as a consultant with kindergarten teachers in particular. Her mission: to convey to children the joy of movement.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Dance workshops

Dance is an art centering on movement. The body is a tool. The artist starts from the principle that all children like to move and that they adore dancing (but just don’t know it yet!). This art, which is relatively unknown in the school curriculum, promotes creativity, the development of motor skills, cooperation, self-knowledge, agility, coordination and self-mastery. As part of her creative approach, the artist proposes periods during which participants explore movements based on a chosen theme, as well as a short production followed by a presentation in front of their classmates. These creative dance workshops help students overcome certain prejudices, notably that boys often feel ill at ease when expressing themselves through dance. By creating their own movements, by making the most of their energy, and by choosing body movements that represent a challenge, boys discover the pleasure of moving, their masculinity and their sense of humour.

Examples of activities

For pre-school and Cycle 1 (one period)

  • The spaghetti dance (exploring tension and relaxation in the body).
  • Dance and the senses (exploring movement through the senses of touch, hearing and sight).
  • The Touaregs (an improvisation around the theme of the desert followed by a short choreography).

For Cycle 2 (one period)

  • Creation of a duo (with a passive and an active body).
  • Dance and physics (centrifugal force, balance, pushing, inertia, falling).
  • Dance and shadow play.

For Cycles 2 and 3 (one period or two)

  • You be the choreographer: Based on a pre-determined set of composition guidelines, the student can create, in a small group, and pursue his/her work with the teacher as a group artistic project.

For high school, dance and drama students (two periods)

  • Lifts (support, weight transfer, confidence, working with a partner).

Special conditions

The workshops must be given in a gymnasium or an equivalent space, which is clean and free of objects. The sessions require a sound system with a CD player.

For information

Hélène Langevin
Phone : 514 528-7900
Other phone : 514 692-1959
Fax : 514 504-8718
Email :

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