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Ann Diamond



Ann Diamond

Anne Diamond has been writing since childhood. She majored in history and creative writing at Concordia University in 1973 and later studied fiction with Raymond Carver in the MFA program at Goddard College in 1978. She has published two novels, two collections of stories, and three books of poetry. A Nun's Diary (poetry) was adapted for theatre by Robert Lepage in 1989. Her most recent novel is Static Control. My Cold War, a memoir, is about her family's experiences in Cold War experiments conducted in Canada during the 1950s and 60s. In 1994, she received the Hugh MacLennan Award for fiction, for her short collection, Evil Eye.

Suggested reading*

A Nun's Diary
Evil Eye
Terrorist Letters
A Certain Girl

*These titles have been suggested by the author based on the activities that he/she proposes to students.
It is, however, up to teachers to verify whether the titles are appropriate for their groups (age and education level, specific context, etc.).
Teaching staff are invited to contact the author for clarification on this aspect and assistance in preparing their groups for his/her visit.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Ann Diamond approaches story-telling as a means of self-knowledge, as well as a first step in understanding the world in which the self resides. She uses this same approach in her teaching. Story-telling is both a personal and a collective art form. Through the process of memory and creation, we gain insight into our own histories which then allow us to connect more meaningfully to our environment, as protagonists rather than as spectators or “victims”.

Examples of activities

Rather than lecturing, she much prefers to let students take an active role. She structures the presentation to allow them time to write, share, perform and/or discuss their work in class, sometimes in small groups. She has also had considerable success with playwriting seminars, leading to impromptu play-reading. This depends on the time available. When she reads from her own work, she encourages dialogues. She sometimes uses writing exercises as the basis for a workshop: e.g., asking students to write on a particular topic, often personal, such as “Remember and describe an event in which you were forced to make a difficult decision, and how this became a turning point in your life”.

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Ann Diamond
Phone : 514 768-1537
Other phone : 604 340-3085
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