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Michael Woytiuk
Kerry-Anne Kutz

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Michael Woytiuk and Kerry-Anne Kutz

Michael Woytiuk has been teaching music for more than 25 years to students ranging from 5 to 70 years of age. He has recorded two solo CDs and as an accompanying pianist, several concerts for Radio-Canada and CBC radio. He has collaborated with several musicians for the recording of albums of various musical styles from jazz to folk. The artist has hosted several choir workshops in schools.

Since 1981, Kerry-Anne Kutz has been working as an educator and a singer. A soloist and a member of several ensembles, she has performed all across Canada and the United States in leading performance halls, including at New York's Metropolitan Opera. At the international level, she participated in the Universal Exhibition of Brisbane in 1988 and has performed in England, India, Singapore, Germany, Italy and Mexico. Mastering several languages, the writer and composer enchants her audience and is very much appreciated both for her vocal talent and for her approach as a communicator.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Sing, sing, sing!

The artists wish to encourage young people to sing and develop their appreciation of music through the ages, from the Gregorian style to jazz music. Upon entering the classroom lit solely by daylight, the moderators will begin singing a Kyrie, a Gregorian chant, as the monks of the 11th century would have performed it at the start of musical writing. The students and singers will travel through history by singing tunes of the first two-voice harmony, songs of the Renaissance, the Baroque and Classical repertory, as well as of the contemporary jazz era. From Bach to Handel and without forgetting the melodies of troubadours, the group will discuss the evolution of rhythm, melodies and harmonies during the various periods. According to the different musical styles, young people will explore a full range of vocal techniques. They will learn posture, breathing and musical phrasing. The artists will explain to them the meaning of these forms of art and help them appreciate the challenges of performance as well as the pure joy one gets from simply listening to music. After having been introduced to the astounding production of operas by Mozart, participants will present their own opera lasting about 5 minutes. The workshop features a full array of historical costumes worn by the artists, situational re-enactments, historical anecdotes and discussions on the various cultural contexts.

Special conditions

The artists are available any time, except in December.

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Kerry-Anne Kutz
Téléphone : 514 624-2307
Télécopieur : 514 624-8286
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