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Jesse Stong

Performing arts


Jesse Stong

Jesse Stong is a graduate of Ryerson University (2004, Social Work) and the National Theatre School of Canada (2013, Playwriting). He worked with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Youth Assistant Director, 2005/2006) and the SKETCH art studio for street youth (2007). He was columnist for fab magazine (2006). During this time, he developed his “Identity writing” workshop and used it to create, direct and produce nine successful youth theatre projects. Jesse produced and wrote Breathe For Me, a critics’ pick at SummerWorks 2012. His play Shared Account was chosen to tour high schools across Québec (Geordie Theatre, Montréal). He is teacher-in-residence at the Segal Centre, project manager of the Youth Arts Education Centre for ELAN (the English Language Arts Network), and his play V-CARDS is part of Wildside Festival 2014 (Centaur Theatre, Montréal).

Proposed approach and type of activities

Jesse Stong considers himself a narrative-based artist. He spends 90% of his process creating characters, living in their minds and building their biographies before he writes them into a play. His interest in social work comes from a genuine desire to see and know the people in this world. He looks for and creates characters that have something important to say and often do not have a big enough voice in society. As a director, he has worked across several professional stages in Canada, developing dozens of young and emerging creators and performers into confident, opinionated and active contributors to their culture. He has an obsession with using theatre as a tool to tackle oppression and social change and using writing as a fun or therapeutic process for individuals and groups.

Other examples of activities

Workshop 1

Secondary (I, II, III, IV, V)

Identity writing

An innovative, interactive writing workshop by Jesse Stong. This workshop is a team-building art creation experience for people who are new to the world of playwriting. The workshop is all about putting YOU into the work you create, helping young people understand how to tap into their own stories and identities to create amazing characters on stage. The workshop takes participants through the entire process of writing, from idea to performance. It starts with a discussion-based lesson on the basics of story structure, leading into a personal journaling warm up and moving on to activities about capturing powerful moments from your own life and utilizing them in your writing. Then, we create pieces of fiction, with support and writing tips from the artist, and end the experience performing our art for one another. As a group, we finish with a talk circle, discussing our identity writing experience and leaving with an action-step to keep the story going. The workshop can also be extended to create an entire play or cabaret of new work! The workshop is customizable to themes: groups always create from their own stories and experiences, but can discuss and build theatre based on important topics (e.g., racism, bullying, online privacy).

Workshop 2

Elementary (Grades 5 and 6)
Special education (secondary)

Identity writing (light)

This is a version of the workshop described above that’s aimed at younger children. The writing workshop is simplified and includes more light acting activities to keep them engaged.

Special conditions

An open mind and a desire to create.

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