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Artists at school


Marcelle Hudon

Performing arts, Cinema and video
Marionettes, Shadow theatre


Marcelle Hudon

Marcelle Hudon studied in visual arts and theatre. She has been working with puppets for twenty-five years. She both makes puppets and manipulates them. For many years, she worked as a puppeteer for children's television shows. She has also created and given numerous shows for children and adults involving live video, puppets, music, Shadow and Object Theatre. The artist also works as a specialist in Shadow Theatre with dance and theatre companies. In addition, she offers workshops to professional artists.

Proposed approach and type of activities


The artist is interested in the phenomena of memory, imagination and the conception of heroes. He would like to work those themes with children. How do young people perceive themselves? What are their nightmares and fears? How do they see themselves ideally? Who are their heroes? We all have a shadow. And everyone's shadow is unique. It is attached to our body. It is our friend and it is, as well, a reflection of our personality. Every child has played with a flashlight to magnify his hand and invent scary stories. With the new kind of lights, it is possible to produce gigantic shadows. Children enjoy seeing themselves magnified. With a mobile light, it is possible to make a dancing shadow, a shadow that will meet another shadow, and a shadow that can take on many strange or funny shapes. Video camera and television are now common tools. The artist has developed a technique for making simple live animation. This technique is really efficient for creating an infinite variety of poetic stories, fantastic voyages or to illustrate research in history, biology or geography. It also demystifies the process of image-making in television.

Examples of activities

The proposed workshops may be carried out in collaboration with teachers of various disciplines to complement the notions examined in class.

Shadow workshop

Material: A dark room, flashlights, cardboard, pairs of scissors, pencils. The artist installs a screen and brings his special shadow lamps.

  • In the dark, the group talks about obscurity, shadow and light. Participants are invited to tell some of the dreams they have at night.
  • On a screen, the artist and participants work with two lights. There are two children responsible for the lighting and two subjects. (There are children that are observers. They will have their chance to be in action as well later on). The two persons assigned to lighting discover the silhouettes of the two others. They make them big and small, they make the shadows dance and finally, they mix the two shadows by playing with different scales. A silhouette can become gigantic and take the entire silhouette of the other in its hand. A part of the silhouette of one person can be replaced with a part of the other. They can be made to fly and a silhouette with four arms can be created.
  • On a piece of cardboard, a monster, an animal or an invented character is drawn and cut out. It is then fixed to a rod and it is mixed with the participant's own shadow on the screen. Participants suddenly become fabulous characters. With this technique, they can work with the idea of being bigger and stronger than their monsters…

Special conditions

The shadow workshop must be given in a room that is dark. It requires the purchase of various materials at a cost of $40 per day.

For information

Marcelle Hudon
Phone : 514 529-1371
Email :

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