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Pat Camozzi

Performing arts
Music - Blues


Pat Camozzi

Lp CAMOZZI is a country blues singer-songwriter who has been performing live for school and festival audiences since 2003. He has also released two original albums for kids, Even Kids Get the Blues (2003) and Even Kids Go Country (2006). Lp has been playing his main instrument, the blues harmonica, for 35 years, accompanied by guitar played in the fingerpicking style. He is an accomplished spoons player, and he incorporates all these instruments in his presentations at schools, festivals, and workshops. Lp is self-taught on all the instruments he plays and likes to keep a piano, accordion, and fiddle at home to dabble on. He has had a wealth of opportunities to hone his stagecraft, including recent major shows at the 2010 Vancouver International Children’s Festival and the 2011 Nashville Songwriters Festival. Lp Camozzi is also a published author of two children’s picture books, most recently Spice Kapita. That Dancin' Guy (2011).

First and foremost, I am a storyteller. My first “blues” album reflected the memories and emotions of a young boy who was bullied through much of his early school years but still maintained a sense of humour. My second album tells stories and emotional challenges of my pre-teen years in an outdoor “country” environment in the 60's. As I've expanded my performance resume and developed my singing and songwriting skills, I have discovered a new emotional element to my work inspired by the joy of seeing children react positively to my love for traditional country blues music. I have spent most of my working life in advertising, so I am experienced in creative development and constantly in search of new ideas and new ways of sparking curiosity, laughter, and learning in children.  


Proposed approach and type of activities

Lp Camozzi offers his interactive Spoons ‘n’ Tunes Orchestra workshop for schools. This activity was first developed for a successful day of music workshops at the 2010 Vancouver International Children’s Festival (reference letter attached). The workshop allows students to collectively play music in Lp Camozzi’s signature country blues style. First, Camozzi demonstrates how to play metal kitchen spoons. He also shows a video of one of Canada’s all-time greatest metal spoons players. Once students have rehearsed, he introduces guitar, harmonica, and vocals while the orchestra accompanies him on an increasingly complex series of songs written specifically for middle-grade elementary students. One biographical song tells a story of historical interest, that of door-to-door milk delivery by horse and buggy in Northern Ontario. Several call-and-response numbers give students the opportunity to discuss and try their voice at African-American blues work songs, French-Canadian chansons à répondre, and more. Where possible, video and audio recordings are introduced to provide further education in this singing style. Based on past experience, the Spoons ‘n’ Tunes workshop is a fun and engaging way to learn something new about traditional country blues music.

Other examples of activities

Below is a list of other activities that could emerge from the Spoons ‘N’ Tunes Orchestra workshop, led by singer, songwriter, and author Lp Camozzi. Advance discussion with teachers to customize the presentation to students’ needs is encouraged.

  • Involve other student musicians: Bring your instrument and play along with our orchestra?
  • Write a simple blues song: Base it on something that happened today at school, starting with a catchy title?
  • African-American call and response work song history: Can we do one about school or home life together?
  • French Canadian call and response history: Why and when was it popular (discussion)?
  • How to record music: What are the building blocks? Percussion first?
  • Making music everywhere: Is there music in everyone and everything? Showing true emotion when you sing?

Special conditions


If school does not have the required resources I may have to rent. Requirements: CD player with speakers. Computer linked to projector for YouTube video reference. DVD player may be needed. Max. $100/day. To be worked out with each school.

Other special conditions

Small P.A. system for my use would be very helpful if already in the school. Otherwise I can make do with my own microphone and amp. I supply metal spoons and tin drums. Other percussion instruments belonging to the school could be helpful. Suggested max. size: 30 students.

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Pat Camozzi
Phone : 514 937-2940
Other phone : 514 944-1709
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