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Simon Bellefleur

Performing arts, Cinema and video, Media and multimedia


Simon Bellefleur

Composer and arranger, Simon Bellefleur studied music (Université de Montréal) and communications (Université du Québec à Montréal). For many years, he has made sounds for images is speciality by working for many broadcasting companies such as CBC, Astral Media, Global, TV 5 and TF1. He signed the score of more than twenty documentaries and short-films. Recently, he composed and arranged music for commercials in Europe and Television series like Canadian Case Files.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Images into sound

By calling on their creativity and dexterity, the artist helps students become aware of their sound environment by exploring various associations between sounds and images. The project consists of creating the soundtrack of an animation movie. The participants will be asked to make noises, melodies and rhythms with different materials and objects (plastic, paper, cans, sticks, boxes, etc.) and synthesizers. Students will create in a simplified manner a soundtrack including a voice over, sound effects and music. After having watched the film, students will choose the sounds that will be used. These sounds are then synchronized with the images. Finally, the work is recorded on a given media like a DVD. This project allows young people to become aware of the scope of the work required to make a good soundtrack and to develop critical thinking in relation to their highly mediatized universe.

Other examples of activities

The artist can collaborate in various special projects, for example by working with young people in the sound design for a radio novel, the sound editing of haikus or the soundtrack production for a video created by students.

Special conditions

The workshop requires a USB key, a blank compact disc (CD) or DVD in order to save the final project. A container identified in the name of each student may also be useful.

For information

Simon Bellefleur
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