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Chris Dyer

Visual arts


Chris Dyer

After obtaining 2 different CEGEP art diplomas and after completing one year of university studies, Chris Dyer began working as a freelance artist. He has done many things from taking artistic commissions to doing fine art for gallery shows. He has taken part in solo and group shows all across Canada, in Seattle, San Francisco, Berlin, Paris, Mexico, Peru, Belgium, etc. He has obtained extensive press coverage in these countries. The artist has produced skateboard graphics for around 10 different brands, including a steady client in California for whom he has created more than 40 skateboard designs to date. He is very much involved in the skateboarding industry both locally and abroad, having been a skateboarding enthusiast since he was 8 years old (1987) in Lima, Peru. His other achievements include producing different art books, winning a few art contests, starting his own clothing brand and travelling the world in search of a unifying soul. The artist has also given skateboard art workshops in Canada's National Art Gallery in Ottawa, which was very fun for both him and the students.

Proposed approach and type of activities

His approach in a school setting would be mature and respectful while at the same time being geared to having fun as he is big kid himself. On a normal day the artist would start by showing the students some images of the kind of art from which they can draw inspiration. They would go on to talk about how to proceed and the artist could even give an example. He would then give students time to work on their art pieces while working on one himself. As an artist who has already created over 50 skateboard designs for professional brands around the world and over 200 skateboard paintings done with recycled broken skateboards, Chris Dyer has many years of experience and knows exactly what he would teach so that students learn more about this new art movement, the philosophy of recycling, techniques and materials, and even how to make a career out of art.

Examples of activities

  • The activities that the artist and participants will carry out in the classroom in order to create well-made skateboard graphics are:
  • Priming a broken skateboard, painting it white so that it is a clean canvas ready to be painted.
  • Doing sketches together to find the perfect theme, symbols and composition to be done on the piece.
  • Drawing the piece, first in pencil, then with a permanent marker and then erasing the pencil markings.
  • Painting the board, which will take the longest time, first filling up all spaces with the basic colours and then going over it  with different layers, effects, highlights and shading to make it look very professional
  • Varnishing would be the next step with proper sponge brushes and gloss medium varnish.
  • A photo-shoot class might also be good to teach young people how to capture and clean up the piece in Photoshop so that it is ready for a client or to be shown in magazines.
  • If there is any free time left over, the artist can provide information to students on how to create a career out of making art.

Special conditions

The artist is available from March onwards. The workshop requires acrylics and brushes for an approximate cost of $10 per day of activities. Students should have their own sketch books and pencils.

For information

Phone : 514 270-9323
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