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Artists at school


Denis Maheux
Normand Legault

Performing arts


Denis Maheux and Normand Legault

Denis Maheux is a fiddler, singer and caller. He studied the violin at the Conservatoire de musique de Québec; at Université Laval, he pursued his education in art and folk traditions. Normand Legault is a dancer, jigger and musician. He studied art and folk traditions at Université Laval. He has also studied the cello and the classical guitar. For more than twenty years, the two artists have participated in numerous events by giving training workshops, concerts and performances in America, Europe and Africa. They are members of À pied levé, a group which won the bronze medal in the cultural program of the Jeux de la Francophonie in Madagascar in 1997.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Music and dance - traditions

The workshop emphasizes observation and participation. The artists guide the student in an exploration of Québec culture through song, instrumental music, tales and the jig. They would like to instill in young people an interest in the values associated with the practice of traditional arts by contextualizing aspects of the tradition which they can see in their own community: violin, accordion, bones, spoons, harmonica, Jew's harp, hands, feet and voices become readily accessible tools that help to create a festive group atmosphere. Adapted to each age group, the workshop is an opportunity to listen to a brief musical performance, and discover musical traditions, learn about rhythm and song, experiment with musical instruments (including percussion) and explore dance forms and space.

Examples of activities

All of these activities can be adapted for students in a specialized setting.

  • Observation of disassembled musical instruments: accordion, violin, bow and harmonica.
  • Improvisation by an orchestra and handling of instruments used during the workshop.
  • Jig, foot-rhythm and rhythmic coordination workshop.
  • Tales adapted to a young public at the primary level or to students at the secondary level.
  • “Called” dance in a festive atmosphere.
  • Learning of a square set and performance in front of students of the school.
  • Songs to be answered with a refrain and a “turlutte” to be memorized.
  • A talk about customs and traditions that live on in the families of students and teachers.
  • Familiarization with, demonstration of and experimentation with traditional musical instruments of Québec.
  • Discussion on the specific character of Québec traditions and their French, Irish, Scottish and English cultural origins, and comparison with the traditions of other countries.

Special conditions

The workshop requires the rental of a public address system at a cost of $80 per day of hosted activities.

For information

Normand Legault
Phone : 418 832-8221
Other phone : 418 262-1951
Fax : 418 832-8221
Email :

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