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Anette Belley

Cinema and video


Anette Belley

Anette Belley holds an interdisciplinary arts degree with a video specialization from Concordia University and studied photography at CÉGEP de Matane. It was at university that she first experimented with stop motion techniques, which combine photography and moving images. A grant holder from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles du Québec, she is currently collaborating with the production company "Les Films de l'Isle" as a writer and director on a documentary film. This project, the story of which takes place on Quebec’s Lower North Shore, employs mixed techniques. The artist has extensive and varied experience in teaching both photography and stop motion techniques. She has worked with various age groups and different student profiles, from kindergarten to young dropouts.

Proposed approach and type of activities

By leading students to observe their immediate environment, this workshop invites participants to care about details, to determine the potential of each object and thing put at their disposal, and to realize the creative possibilities of their surroundings. By giving life to inanimate objects, students wonder about the narrative possibilities of their environment. Through the use of found or made objects, or the integration of the body as an object, students are led to produce animation films based on stop motion techniques.

Examples of activities

Adapted to all age groups, this workshop can be presented in a single day (production of short films lasting 1 or 2 minutes) or over a longer period (exploration of the different steps of filmmaking: scriptwriting, pre-production, prop and set design and production).

Single-day workshop:

  • Screening of short films that explore the various possibilities of the stop motion technique, followed by a discussion with students about what they have seen;
  • Explanation of the technique and showing of concrete examples, which students are then asked to apply by themselves;
  • Production of several short projects (1 or 2 minutes) that explore different types of stop motion;
  • All of the films produced are edited by the artist. A DVD, which can be shown to friends and family, is then distributed to each student.

Workshop lasting several days:

  • Same proposals, including reflection, scriptwriting, prop and set design and production periods.

Special conditions

The workshop requires the rental of cameras (1 camera per group of 4 students), for a maximum cost of $100 per day of activities. Possibility of using the students’ or the school’s cameras, when they are available.

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Anette Belley
Phone : 514 703-9154
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