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France Bourque-Moreau

Performing arts
Québécois folk dance


France Bourque-Moreau

Active as a performer, choreographer and dance teacher for the past twenty-five years, France Bourque-Moreau is also the author of several books and has produced recordings on the use of traditional French-Canadian and international folk dance for children. For 12 years, she was artistic consultant to «Les Gens de Mon Pays», a québécois folk ensemble which toured worldwide. She has also choreographed stage suites for dance companies in North America and abroad. She regularly conducts training workshops for school teachers and works with children in kindergartens, elementary schools and recreational programs.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Danse, mon coeur danse!

In a one-hour session, each group is introduced to Québécois traditional culture through dance, music and singing and get an opportunity to learn simple songs, listen to musical selections and identify musical instruments. The repertoire is from a CD produced by France Bourque-Moreau entitled «Danse, mon coeur danse!». Afterwards, pupils learn the various steps and figures proper to each dance and are also encouraged to create and adapt their own. The final phase is the execution of one or more dances. The workshop enables the child to create links between movement and music and to develop one's sense of rhythm and coordination. One of the final results is a "vocabulary" of traditional québécois dance which can be used to create short "choreographies".

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France Bourque-Moreau
Phone : 450 659-9271
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Kindergarten, Primary 1, Primary 2, Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5, Primary 6

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