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Artists at school


Christiane Baillargeon

Visual arts
Multidisciplinary practice


Christiane Baillargeon
Photo: Jacques André Lacroix

A multidisciplinary artist, Christiane Baillargeon has a Master's degree in sculpture from the Parsons School of Art and Design of New York and a Bachelor's degree in French studies and history from Université de Montréal. For more than ten years now, she has had a threefold career of manager, teacher and art practitioner. She explores and combines the fields of performance, installation, sculpture, scenography, drawing, painting, computer-assisted creation and printmaking. The recipient of several awards, she has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her works have obtained an enthusiastic reception in Montréal, Paris and New York.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Sculpting speech

To introduce students to the notions of contemporary sculpture, installations and individual and group creations, Christiane Baillargeon proposes workshops that foster expression and creativity. From the start of the session, the artist puts the activities into context through her work, her approach and her own creations. Chosen examples permit the presentation of workshops in interactive mode, where the questions and answers prepare the practical part of the activity: tailored workshops for groups or for the entire school. An installation or an exhibition of works can be held at the end of the session.

Examples of activities

The personalized workshops are prepared on the basis of themes that are dear and concerns that are specific to the students involved. The activities take advantage of appropriate mixed technique processes, by way of recycled materials, sculpture techniques or installation processes.

  • A first type of session proposes exploration through the individual modeling of objects, which are then brought together and presented in group form. This activity includes the use of incrustations, playing with textures and surface treatments.
  • Another type of workshop explores the links between sculpture, signs, words or texts. Sculpting as a group a book, a sentence or a poem makes it possible to create a collective work in which each participant integrates their own element, while forging ties between the various forms of artistic expression (literary, plastic, etc.).

Special conditions

The workshop requires various materials at the maximum cost of $100 a day.

For information

Christiane Baillargeon
Phone : 514 642-8384
Other phone : 514 817-8030
Fax : 514 486-9691 (call before)
Email :

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