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Stéphanie Bénéteau

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Stéphanie Bénéteau

After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in education from Concordia University, Stéphanie Bénéteau taught for a few years before becoming a professional storyteller, a career that she has pursued successfully for eight years. She performs regularly in schools and festivals, including the Montreal Intercultural Storytelling Festival, the Ottawa Storytelling Festival and on CBC radio. A dynamic and lively storyteller with a vast repertoire for young audiences, Stéphanie Bénéteau regularly hosts workshops in schools. She has developed a unique storytelling workshop that introduces students to storytelling and the oral tradition.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Introduction to the art of storytelling

During this practical and hands-on workshop, students discover the art of storytelling not through memorization but rather through oral interpretation and improvisation based on a traditional story. After having heard a story told to them, the students learn how to retell a story by understanding its inner structure. ln small groups, they develop their story by doing a series of exercises drawn from drama in which they develop characterization, increase their expressive skills and develop poise and confidence. The exercises are always cooperative and promote creativity and self-esteem. The students present their story to the group and, depending on the time available, go to other classes to tell their story and share the art of storytelling with the whole school.

Examples of activities

Possible formats for her visit to the school include:

  • She can come once at lunch. She loves to read books on fairy tales, myths or storytelling. ln this case she tells stories from the world tradition in a highly participatory manner, with riddles, audience participation, singing, and gestures to initiate students to the expressive potential of storytelling.
  • She can give a half-day workshop, during which students are introduced to the art of storytelling. They hear a story and then divide into groups to retell it using gestures, voice changes and facial expressions.
  • She can come to your school for a period of eight weeks to do a full workshop on storytelling. ln this case, she brings a wide selection of stories from which the students each choose one. They will learn the basics of storytelling including use of gestures, changes of volume and tempo, characterization and confidence in front of an audience. They present their story and then go to other classes to tell it. The session ends with a festival in front of the whole school.
  • For younger children, kindergarten and first cycle of primary, she has developed a unit on nursery rhymes and short stories which the students retell in a dramatic and expressive fashion.

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Stéphanie Bénéteau
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