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Artists at school


Jennifer Cooke

Performing arts
Set design


Jennifer Cooke

Since her departure from the National Theatre School of Canada in 1989, Jennifer Cooke has been responsible for the design of more than 80 theatrical productions for adults and children. Working all across Canada in various theatres with many well known directors: Robert Lepage, Allen McInnis, Diane Leblanc and Micheline Chevrier, she has taught, given conferences and shared her experience with pupils and students of every level, from nursery school to university. For the last few years, she has directed a community cultural organization with an educational and social mission.

Proposed approach and type of activities

From Page to Stage

The artistic approach stresses the importance of a creative process, while preserving the link with pedagogy, through the exploration of a topic with the aim of living a theatrical experience in a creative way. To arrive there, several stages are considered: the topic in relation to the student, research (what must be done to find the information needed for the project?), creation by exploring various visual arts techniques (painting, drawing, 3 dimensions...) and the end product which is the result of the process followed by the team. Together, the group learns how to create by relying on teamwork and by respecting the ideas of each member. The teacher can create a link to the new educational reforms and together, we can underscore the various targeted learning abilities.

Examples of activities

Design project

Starting from a historical text, a tale, a news headline, a social issue (racism, violence...), the group will do the necessary research and creation work, which will lead to the design of the sets, costumes, etc. followed by the presentation of the end product (show, model, etc.). The same techniques can be used for the carrying out of various projects, each with a different set of themes such as a mural, period costumes, giant puppets, accessories...

Special conditions

The workshop requires various materials (to be determined with the school), at a maximum cost of $100 per day.

For information

Jennifer Cooke
Phone : 450 592-0514
Other phone : 450 569-4000
Fax : 450 592-6349
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